General Overview of NHG Education​

Launched in 2010, the National Healthcare Group (NHG) Education office manages the teaching,

training and professional development of healthcare professionals (Medical, Nursing, Pharmacy and Allied Health) who enter NHG.

Working alongside local and overseas tertiary institutions, NHG Education offers its clinical expertise, access to its institutions,

and professional networks to its learners, supplementing their training and developmental needs at every stage of their career in healthcare.

Learners will have access to a multitude of healthcare institutions, large patient population,

and the opportunity to tap on the clinical expertise of our professionals, and build professional networks

through every stage of their training and career in healthcare.

Five teams have been established to support the various Health Professions Education and research activities within NHG:

1. Pre-professional Education

2. NHG Residency (Graduate medical education and pharmacy residency programmes)

3. Health Outcomes and Medical Education Research (HOMER)

4. Learning Design and Technology

5. Special Events Team​

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