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Short-term grant for health professions education (HPE) research.

FY11 Results

​We are pleased to announce the results of the inaugural NHG-HOMER Grant. The decision making process was difficult, with many worthwhile research proposals vying for a limited amount of grant dollars.

The NHG-HOMER Grant Review Committee approved to fund nine proposals (eight Category A and one Category B) in FY11. We thank you for your enthusiastic interest and participation, and look forward to your proposals for NHG-HOMER Grant FY12.

NHG-HOMER Grant Awards 
CATEGORY A (up to $5,000) 

Teaching Intravenous cannulation to medical students in the emergency department setting: A prospective study 
  • PI: Dr. Norazlina Rahman, Registrar (Emergency Department, TTSH) 

Improving clinical coding through appropriate clinical documentation via interprofessional collaboration and education with the clinicians 
  • PI: Ms. Nilar Tun, Clinical Coder (Clinical Coding Unit, TTSH) 
  • PI: Ms. Lakshmi Ramanujam, Clinical Coder (Clinical Coding Unit, TTSH) 
  • Co-I: Ms Maggie Chua, Clinical Coder (Clinical Coding Unit, TTSH) 

Study on undergraduate medical students' attitudes towards family medicine in Singapore and factors affecting future career choice in medicine 
  • PI: Asst. Professor Wong Teck Yee, Consultant Family Physician (Continuing and Community Care, TTSH) 
  • PI: Assoc Professor Joshua Jacobs, Assistant Dean (Dean's Office, NUS) 

A Web-based approach in teaching basic Neuroradiology interpretation to junior residents 
  • PI: Dr. Jai Prashanth Rao, Registrar (Neurosurgery, NNI) 
  • PI: Assoc Professor Koh Nien Yue, Senior Consultant (General Medicine, TTSH); Program Director (Internal Medicine Program, NHG) 
  • Co-I: Assoc Professor Nigel CK Tan, Senior Consultant (Neurology, NNI) 
  • Co-I: Dr. Kevin Tan, Consultant (Neurology, NNI) 
  • Co-I: Dr. Tchoyoson CC Lim, Senior Consultant (Neurology, NNI) 

Study of polyclinic staff perception of interprofessional collaboration 
  • PI: Dr. Ruth Zheng Mingli, Family Physician (Bukit Batok Polyclinic, NHGP); Core Clinical Faculty Member (Family Medicine Program, NHG) 
  • PI: Dr. Predeebha d/o P N Kannan, Deputy Director (Clinical Services, Primary Care Academy) 
  • Co-I: Dr. Tang Wern Ee, Senior Family Physician (Bukit Batok Polyclinic, NHGP); Head (Clinical Research Unit, NHGP) 

Use of blended inter-professional learning in an infection control workshop in primary care 
  • PI: Dr. Predeebha d/o P N Kannan, Deputy Director (Clinical Services, Primary Care Academy) 
  • PI: Ms. Yan Chau Chain, Nurse Manager and Infection Control Nurse (Nursing Services, NHGP) 
  • Co-I: Dr Karen Ng Ming Yann, Head (Ang Mo Kio Polyclinic, NHGP) 

Like the desert needs the rain: Do clinical medical educators need a syllabus 
  • PI: Dr. Habeebul Rahman, Consultant (Psychological Medicine, TTSH) 
  • Co-I: Dr. Lynette Teoh, Registrar (Psychological Medicine, TTSH) 

Systematic review of the trends in research purpose and approach of medical education research in the Asia-Pacific region in the last 5 years 
  • PI: Dr. Lim Wee Shiong, Senior Consultant (Geriatric Medicine, TTSH) 
  • Co-I: Mr. Issac Lim, Manager (HOMER, Education Development Office; NHGHQ) 
  • Co-I: Dr. Wong Wei Chin, Consultant (Geriatric Medicine, TTSH) 
  • Co-I: Dr. Neo Han Yee, Registrar (Geriatric Medicine, TTSH) 

CATEGORY B AWARDS ($5,001 to $10,000) 

How do web 2.0 tools enhance teaching and lifelong learning in medical education? 
  • PI: Mr. Benedict Chia, Human Resources Development Consultant (Human Resource Development, E-learning; TTSH) 
  • Co-I: Dr. Lim Wee Shiong, Senior Consultant (Geriatric Medicine, TTSH) 
  • Co-I: Adj Asst. Professor Chia Chung King, Consultant (Gastroenterology and Hepatology); Associate Dean (TTSH) 
  • Co-I: Assoc Professor Neil Mehta, Director (Center for Online Medical Education and Training, Cleveland Clinic) 
  • Co-I: Dr. Thomas Aretz, Vice-President (Global Programs, Partners Harvard Medical International) 
  • Co-I: Professor Elizabeth Armstrong, Director (Harvard Macy Institute)

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