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Short-term grant for health professions education (HPE) research.

FY13 Results

​​​​​NHG-HOMER is extremely pleased to announce the results of the NHG-HOMER Grant FY13! ​

This year has been the most competitive year since the inception of the NHG-HOMER grant. A total of 17 grants have been awarded (15 Category A and 2 Category B grants). The decision making process was difficult, with many worthwhile research proposals vying for a limited amount of grant dollars. The grants funded research from a wide range of institutions and disciplines, such as education research in general medicine, general surgery, geriatric medicine, neurosurgery, nursing, palliative medicine, physiotherapy, psychiatry, and rehabilitation medicine.

Each of these grants will help to advance health professions education research in NHG in HOMER’s four areas of inquiry: (1) teaching and learning; (2) professional identity formation; (3) simulation-based medical education; and (4) interprofessional collaboration and education. It will also help advance inquiry in research in medical education.

Examples of grants funded include applying a systems theory framework for internal medicine senior residency career development; estimating the effectiveness of a multi-professional training module focusing on autism spectrum disorder; using a neurosurgical simulator to train junior neurosurgeons in the insertion of external ventricular drains; and exploring implicit stereotypes among doctors and nurses using implicit association test.

NHG-HOMER would like to thank all applicants for their interest and enthusiasm, as well as the grant review committee whose valuable comments were critical for the success of administering the grant. We hope that the increasing interest in education-based research at NHG will continue next year. For those not granted funding, we encourage you to apply next year.

Congratulations to the NHG-HOMER Grant FY13 award recipients! 

NHG-HOMER Grant Awards 

CATEGORY A (up to $5,000)
(project title and principal investigators)

Teaching physicians to learn musculoskeletal examinations and diagnosis-- (GUEST) a 5 steps GUided internet based E-Self sTudy method for busy clinicians
A/Prof Tjan Soon Yin, Consultant, Rehab Medicine, TTSH
Dr. Vadassery Shaji Jose, Associate Consultant, General Medicine, TTSH

An exploratory study of the impact of informal curriculum on junior doctors working in a palliative care unit
Dr. Poi Choo Hwee, Associate Consultant, Palliative Medicine,TTSH
Dr. Allyn Hum Hum Yin Mei, Consultant, Palliative Medicine,TTSH

Understanding health care professionals’ difficulties and support in performing terminal discharge for dying patients: A qualitative study
Ms. Chen Wei Ting, Advanced Practice Nurse, Nursing Service, TTSH

The prevalence of burnout and use of coping mechanisms among palliative care practitioners in Singapore
Dr. Mervyn Koh Yong Hwang, Consultant, Palliative Medicine, TTSH
Dr. Allyn Hum Yin Mei, Consultant, Palliative Medicine, TTSH

To employ direct patient surveys to identify deficiencies in communications skills of the NHG GS residents, design and implement educational interventions and measure the improvement in communications skills after the interventions
Dr. Appasamy Vijayan, Senior Consultant Surgeon, General Surgery, TTSH

GP partnership programme – A model of successful interprofessional collaboration and possible lessons for interprofessional education
Dr. Alvin Lum Wai Mun, Deputy Director, IMH-GP Partnership Programme, IMH
Dr. Goh Yen Li, Consultant, General Psychiatry 2, IMH

Interprofessional clinical induction programme for new staff in a national rehabilitation centre: An action research approach
Mr. Lee Wing Kuen, Senior Physiotherapist, Rehabilitation Centre, TTSH
Ms. Goo Lay Kian, Nurse Educator, Nursing Service, TTSH

Effectiveness of an educational program “Painless Evidence Based Practice” on nurses working in psychiatric settings
Mr. Zhou Zhenyu, Advanced Practice Nurse, Nursing, IMH
Ms. Xie Huiting, Senior Staff Nurse, Nursing Training, IMH

Effectiveness of a multi-professional training module focusing on autism spectrum disorder
Ms. Goh Tze Jui, Senior Psychologist, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, IMH
Dr. Sung Min, Senior Consultant, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, IMH

Specialized training and skills in psychiatry of intellectual disability: Perceptions of psychiatric medical officers and trainees
Dr. Sajith Sreedharan Geetha, Consultant, General Psychiatry, IMH

Web-based teaching module to improve residents knowledge in diabetic emergencies
Dr. Ranjana Acharya, Consultant, General Medicine, TTSH
Dr. Veerendra Chadachan, Consultant, General Medicine, TTSH
A novel Neurosurgical Simulator to train junior neurosurgeons in the insertion of external ventricular drains
Dr. Justin Ker, Resident, Neurosurgery, NNI
Dr. Deanna Khoo, Registrar, Cardiology, TTSH

Exploring implicit stereotypes among doctors and nurses using implicit association test (IAT)
Ms. Kanika Batra, Research Analyst, HOMER, NHGHQ

Research purpose and approach of medical education research: comparison of 2 international conferences
Dr. Lim Wee Shiong, Senior Consultant, Geriatric Medicine, TTSH
Prof. Charlotte Ringsted, Director and Scientist, Department of Anesthesia, University of Toronto and University Health Network

An insight of shared leadership in a hospital setting: Internal team conditions, task complexity and factors that inhibit shared leadership implementation
Ms. Ong Yu Han, Research Analyst, HOMER, NHGHQ

CATEGORY B (up to $10,000)
(project title and principal investigators)

The R2D2 (residents' resilience in different disciplines) study
Dr. Timothy Teoh, Registrar, Department of Psychological Medicine, TTSH
A/Prof Nicholas Chew, Senior Consultant, DIO Office, TTSH

STarDom Study: Applying Systems Theory framework for internal medicine senior residency career Development in a Singapore ACGMEI residency programme
Dr. Kua Ee Chia Joanne, Associate Consultant, Geriatric Medicine, TTSH
Dr. See Su Chen Jolene, Service Registrar, Geriatric Medicine, TTSH​

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