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Short-term grant for health professions education (HPE) research.

FY14 Results

​HOMER is pleased to announce the awardees of the FY14 NHG-HOMER Grant, which honours outstanding projects that contribute towards better education and training for our healthcare practitioners. Projects receiving the FY14 NHG-HOMER Grant represent diverse professional groups involved in building strong communities for health professions education research.

Eleven grants (8 Category A, 3 Category B) comprised projects from a wide range of institutions and disciplines, including education research in allied health, emergency medicine, family medicine, neurology, nursing, palliative care and psychiatry. Grants are meant to serve as seed money to advance health professions education research in NHG, particularly in HOMER's five areas of inquiry:

(1) teaching and learning;

(2) professional identity formation;

(3) simulation-based medical education;

(4) interprofessional collaboration and education; and

(5) educational technology.

We are really grateful for the reviewers' valuable comments that were critical for the success of the grant. Also, we would like to thank all applicants for their interest and enthusiasm and hope that the interest in health professions education research at NHG will continue to increase next year. 

Congratulations to the NHG-HOMER Grant FY14 award recipients! 

NHG-HOMER Grant Awards

CATEGORY A (up to $5,000)

(Project title and principal investigators)


Evaluation of an orientation program on readiness of transition to practice and organizational commitment for newly recruited nurses

          Dr. Xie Huiting, Senior Staff Nurse, Nursing Training, IMH


Effectiveness of non-traditional teaching methods used to prepare health care students in the delivery of the mental state examination: A systematic review

          Ms. Rajni Parasuram, Nurse Educator, Nursing Training, IMH

          Dr. Xie Huiting, Senior Staff Nurse, Nursing Training, IMH


Exploring the research interests and experience; and barriers and enablers to allied health professionals' participation in research and educational activities in TTSH

          Dr. Charmaine Krishnasamy, Research Analyst, HOMER, NHGHQ

          Dr. Lim Yen Peng, Head of Department, Nutrition and Dietetics, TTSH


Diagnostic reasoning in medical students and junior residents using a basic e-learning neuroradiology module

          Dr. Jai Prashanth Rao, Associate Consultant, Neurosurgery, NNI

          Dr. Koh Nien Yue, Senior Consultant, General Medicine, TTSH


Teaching and initiating end of life communication in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) among registered nurses

          Dr. Poi Choo Hwee, Associate Consultant, Palliative Medicine, TTSH


Use of team based learning and simulation in a hospital nursing program to enhance nurses' communication, confidence, and competency to manage deteriorating patients: A program evaluation

          Ms. Tan Yew Hiang, Nurse Educator, Nursing Service, TTSH

          Ms. Isabel Ng Hui Leng, Nurse Researcher, Nursing Service, TTSH


Multi source feedback for Family Medicine residents

          Dr. Darren Seah, Consultant Family Physician, Hougang Polyclinic, NHGP

          Dr. Ong Chin Fung, Consultant, Family and Community Medicine, KTPH


Exploring the Kolb's cycle using a session of Dialogue in the Dark (DID)

          Dr. Ong Chin Fung, Consultant, Family and Community Medicine, KTPH

          Dr. Darren Seah, Consultant Family Physician, Hougang Polyclinic, NHGP

          Ms. Nasloon Ali, Research Analyst, HOMER, NHGHQ

CATEGORY B (up to $10,000)

(Project title and principal investigators)


Facilitated narrative-based assessment for PGY-1: Development, implementation and impact

          Dr. Chia Chung King, Consultant, Gastroenterology & Hepatology, TTSH


Peyton's four stage approach in teaching procedural skills: One size fits all?

          Dr. Ooi Chee Kheong, Consultant, Emergency Medicine, TTSH

          Dr. Stephen Chan Yung-Wei, Consultant, Anaesthesiology, Intensive Care & Pain Medicine, TTSH


The doctor as psychotherapist: The impact of psychotherapy in psychiatry residency

          Dr. Lim Wen Phei, Senior Resident, NHG Residency (Psychiatry), NHG

          Mr. Lim Yong Hao, Research Analyst, HOMER, NHGHQ

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