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Short-term grant for health professions education (HPE) research.

FY15 Results

​We are delighted to present you with the FY15 NHG-HOMER Grant awardees! The primary goal of the grant is to assist promising researchers with their endeavors on better educational and training outcomes for the healthcare professions. Our awardees every year represent a diverse group of researchers who are all interested in how we teach, learn and develop.

This year we are presenting eight grants (5 Category A, 3 Category B). They comprise of projects from a wide range of institutions and disciplines, including education research in nursing, internal medicine, palliative medicine, acute care planning and mentorship.

We are extremely grateful for the expertise and service rendered by our reviewers without which the success of the grant is not possible. Heartfelt thanks to our FY15 applicants for their interest and fervor and we hope that the interest in health professions education research at NHG will continue to flourish in future years.  

Congratulations to the NHG-HOMER Grant FY15 award recipients! 

NHG-HOMER Grant Awards 
CATEGORY A (up to $5,000) 
(Project title and principal investigators)


Evaluation of a structured GP training program: Possible lessons on how multi-dimensional training can impact training effectiveness.

Dr. Alvin Lum Wai Mun, Deputy Director, IMH-GP Partnership Programme, IMH


To develop a pilot tool to assess nurses' competency in counselling patients with atopic dermatitis or psoriasis.

            Dr. Mabel Leow Qi He, Staff Nurse, Nursing, NSC


Learning about engaging leadership in interprofessional teams: A phenomenological study.

            Mr. Lim Yong Hao, Senior Research Analyst, HOMER, NHGHQ

Ms. Mary Lee, Senior Research Analyst, HOMER, NHGHQ


Conscientiousness as a component of professionalism: The conscientiousness index in a Singapore residency programme.

            Dr. Faith Chia, Consultant, Rheumatology, Allergy & Immunology, TTSH


An exploratory study of attitudes, perceptions and practices of trained facilitators in advance care planning in a tertiary hospital in Singapore.

            Dr. Raymond Ng, Consultant, Palliative Medicine, TTSH

CATEGORY B (up to $10,000) 
(Project title and principal investigators)


Effectiveness of communication courses and challenges in communication skills faced by residents working in a tertiary hospital.

          Dr. Poi Choo Hwee, Consultant, Palliative Medicine, TTSH

          Adj. A/Prof Nicholas Chew, Designated Institutional Official, Senior Consultant, Psychological Medicine,           TTSH


Understanding moral distress amongst trainees in a Singapore tertiary hospital residency programme.

          Dr. Neo Han Yee, Consultant, Palliative Medicine, TTSH
          Dr. Shaun Gerald Nathan, Medical Officer, MOHH​​


Effectiveness of a research mentorship program on junior nurses' knowledge, attitude and practice as evidence-based practitioners.

            Dr. Chan Ee Yuee, Senior Nurse Researcher, Nursing Research, TTSH

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