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Fostering stewardship in a critical role: The HOMER Grant Reviewer

Published: 10/30/2019

“We have to be keenly aware of what is needed for health professions education, based on our understanding of the current healthcare landscape and needs, in order to ensure that strategic projects and research should receive the necessary funding.”

Ms Lee Sin Yi
Senior Physiotherapist, TTSH

The NHG-HOMER Grant was established in 2011 to encourage the pursuit of research in the field of health professions education. HOMER hopes that the grant will boost user inspired research, strengthen clinical practice and ultimately, improve patient outcomes. To date, we have awarded grants to 93 research teams in 10 institutions within NHG. The funding paved the way for multi-institutional collaborations across different specialties and levels of seniority, reinforcing interprofessional collaboration, as well as teaching and learning. 

The reviewer plays three important roles in HOMER Grant: ensuring quality in research and consequently, meritorious provision of funds, and of educating researchers. This year's HOMER Grant Outstanding Reviewer Awardees Dr Preman Rajalingam, Dr Ivan Woo, and Ms Lee Sin Yi tell us more in the Sep/Oct 2019 issue of LearniNHG.

Visit here for Sep/Oct 2019 issue of LearniNHG.

Apply for HOMER Grant here.



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Fostering stewardship in a critical role: The HOMER Grant Reviewer

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