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Perspectives matter: Juggling clinician and educator identities

Published: 4/25/2019

"The image that comes to my mind when thinking about clinician and educator is that a toddler is trying to change a baby’s diaper…I feel like I’m still learning, I still have a lot to digest."

Research participant
An occupational therapist

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Clinician educators experience frequent interruptions at work while teaching learners. This frequent "switching on and off" of educator identity often leads to heightened distress especially among novice clinician educators. One of the factors that promote integration of educator identities with primary clinician identities is cognitive flexibility. Cognitive flexibility is the ability to shift our perspectives or behaviours as a way of adapting to changes in the environment. 


Read more about our research at:

Ong, S. Y., Lee, M., Lee, L. S., Lim, I., & Tham, K. Y. (2019). Tensions in integrating clinician and educator role identities: a qualitative study with occupational therapists and physiotherapists. BMJ Open, 9(2), e024821. 

TAGS: Clinician educator; Professional Identity; Publication

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Perspectives matter: Juggling clinician and educator identities

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