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HOMER, which stands for Health Outcomes and Medical Education Research, is a unit within National Healthcare Group’s Education Office.


HOMER's Odyssey

NHG HOMER Half-decade report 2011-15

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Dr Cheng San Chye
Principal Research Analyst
BSc (Hons), EdM, MSc
EdD (Doctor of Education)

​San Chye adopts a mix of quantitative and qualitative methods in his research. Working at the nexus of research and practice, he seeks to address healthcare problems and research questions, as well as draw out practical and policy implications. At HOMER, he works with fellow researchers, healthcare professionals, and various stakeholders to broaden and deepen our perspectives and the understanding of issues relating to health professions education and population health.
San Chye holds a Doctor of Education and a Master of Science in Applied Statistics. Prior to joining NHG, he worked at the Institute for Adult Learning where he was involved in the OECD’s Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC).​


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Dr Khoo Hwee Sing
Principal Research Analyst
BBA, MComm,
PhD (Management)

​Hwee Sing adopts a multi- disciplinary approach in her work, and believes it is essential to bridge research and practice for better sharing, integration, and application of knowledge. This motivates her to view research through different theoretical lenses, and incorporate phenomena into research for educational and practical applications. At HOMER, she is involved in projects related to the development and improvement of curriculum and clinical rotati​ons in undergraduate and graduate medical education. This involves analysing data from all stak​​eholders in the healthcare process to provide valuable inputs for curriculum design, and for the improvement of the patient-doctor communication process.
Hwee Sing holds a PhD in Management and Organisation from the National University of Singapore, and brings to HOMER experience in conducting research on primary healthcare, leadership, as well as consulting on organisational change. She serves on the National Transplant Ethics Panel of Laypersons, and is a member of the NUH Bioethics Committee.​


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Dr Charmaine Krishnasamy
Principal Research Analyst
BOT (Hons),
PhD (Occupational Therapy)

Charmaine enjoys conducting research on topics pertaining to the measurement of and improvement of patient, health and education outcomes. At HOMER, she is involved in various research projects with local clinicians and overseas academics, on research and evaluation projects pertaining to the teaching and learning environments of medical and allied health students and educators. Charmaine works on the development and improvement of assessment processes and tools, and conducts qualitative research to better understand the research interests, learning needs and feedback from students, clinicians and educators for the improvement of work and learning environments.

Charmaine has practised as an occupational therapist and taught and supervised undergraduate occupational therapy students in Singapore and Australia. She has also completed a series of research projects concerned with the occupations and community mobility needs of older persons in both countries, and standardisation of an aspect of a driver assessment tool. Charmaine’s research interests are in clinicians’ research capacity, students’ learning environments and rehabilitation and outcomes research using both quantitative and qualitative methods.


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Dr Mary Lee
Principal Research Analyst
BA, MA (English Language),
PhD (Communications)

Mary is a communication scholar who takes an interpretivist stance in her research. As a researcher in Health Professions Education (HPE), she has a special interest in investigating the role of communication in advancing or impeding interprofessional collaboration and learning. Consonant with healthcare professionals who endeavour to be collaborative in their work, Mary works to performing interdisciplinarity through her research and in the process, expanding her knowledge of qualitative research perspectives and methods. Her current projects include a phenomenological study on what doing leadership means for emerging leaders in healthcare settings and an analysis of the discourses occurring at interprofessional team meetings.

She values communication as a vehicle for change and reflexivity in one’s research, and takes a critical culture perspective to communication practice and scholarship, drawing on the Culture-Centered Approach to communication as well as the work of the Frankfurt School thinkers, Michel Foucault and scholars in Critical Discourse Analysis. Her publications can be found in Public Relations Inquiry and Public Relations Review. She has taught public relations writing and theory at the Department of Communications & New Media, National University of Singapore.


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Ms Loo May Eng
Research Analyst
BSc (Physics)(Hons),
MA (English Language)

​May Eng believes that novel yet rigorous educational research in healthcare professions contributes to health professions education and patient outcomes. To this end, she takes a pragmatist approach to research, using different methods depending on the research question she is trying to answer. She is interested in all aspects of learning and teaching, especially their interrelationships with language and culture. In HOMER, she is working on projects related to simulation-based learning and online professionalism.

​May Eng did her Master of Arts in English Language and Bachelor of Science in Physics at the National University of Singapore.  During her postgraduate studies, she focused on sociolinguistics and researched on the language use of Mainland Chinese immigrants and local Chinese in Singapore and has presented her research locally and at overseas conferences. She is also passionate about education, having years of experience as a youth worker and ESL teacher​​.




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