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Short-term grant for health professions education (HPE) research.

Grant Forms

​​​​Forms for Grant Applicants

 Application Form For HOMER Grant 
[Please download the budget form below and submit it with your application. Please  also read the terms and conditions document below before submission.]


NHG-HOMER Grant Budget Form

Forms for Grant Recipients

A. Claims Reimbursement


NHG-HOMER Grant Claims Reimbursement Form

nhg-homer research participants gift voucher acknowledgement form (v2.0, 18 mar 2019).doc

nhg-homer research participants acknowledgement of receipt listing for cash (v2.0, 18 mar 2019).doc

B. Budget Adjustment or Budget Rollover (Time Extension)

NHG-HOMER Grant Request for Budget Adjustment Form                        

NHG-HOMER Grant Request for Budget Rollover & Time Extension Form          ​


C. Hiring of Research Assistant

NHG-HOMER Grant Hiring of Research Assist​ant

NHG-HOMER Grant Reporting Officer Approval Form for Hiring of Research Assistant (v1.2, 31st Aug 2017)
NHG-HOMER Grant Research Assistant Timesheet (v1.2, 2 dec 2015)

D. Reports

NHG-HOMER Grant Final Report [for Categories A & B Grants]

NHG-HOMER Grant Progress Report  [for Categories B Grants]


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Other Documents

nhg-homer grant terms and conditions (v4.0 120520).pdf

FAQs on Grant Processes V2.0 12 April2019.pdf

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