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Short-term grant for health professions education (HPE) research.

Grant Forms

​​​​Forms for Grant Applicants

Online Application Form For HOMER Grant 
[Applications for FY20 open on 16th September 2019. You may use the worksheet and budget template below to facilitate your preparation before you submit your online application. Please  also read the terms and conditions document below before submission.]

NHG-HOMER Grant Application Worksheet 

NHG-HOMER Grant Budget Template

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Forms for Grant Recipients

A. Claims Reimbursement

NHG-HOMER Grant Claims Reimbursem​ent Form (online submission) ​​

NHG-HOMER Grant Claims Reimbursement Form (manual submission)

nhg-homer research participants gift voucher acknowledgement form (v2.0, 18 mar 2019).doc

nhg-homer research participants acknowledgement of receipt listing for cash (v2.0, 18 mar 2019).doc

B. Budget Adjustment or Budget Rollover (Time Extension)

NHG-HOMER Grant Budget Adjustment or Budget Rollover (Time Extension) Form (online submission)

NHG-HOMER Grant Request for Budget Adjustment Form (manual submission)

NHG-HOMER Grant Request for Budget Rollover & Time Extension Form (manual submission)          ​


C. Hiring of Research Assistant

NHG-HOMER Grant Hiring of Research Assist​ant Online Form

NHG-HOMER Grant Reporting Officer Approval Form for Hiring of Research Assistant (v1.2, 31st Aug 2017)
NHG-HOMER Grant Research Assistant Timesheet (v1.2, 2 dec 2015)

D. Reports

NHG-HOMER Grant Final Report Online Form (for Categories A & B Grants)

NHG-HOMER Grant Progress Report Online Form (for Category B Grants) ​


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Other Documents

nhg-homer grant terms and conditions (v4.0 120520).pdf

FAQs on Grant Processes V2.0 12 April2019.pdf

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