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The HOMER Research Guides

Published: 12/2/2020

Whether you are embarking on your research journey, or guiding your juniors in conducting research, HOMER is delighted to share with health professionals the HOMER Research Guides. These guides are designed to be a companion on your research journey, introducing health professionals to the basics of health professions education (HPE) research. Beginning with the traditions that undergird research endeavours, through the design of research studies, to data collection and analysis, the guides provide a broad overview of the main components of HPE research as you gradually immerse yourself in your topic of interest, and discover your positionality as a researcher. At times there may be detours as you rethink your research design, other times there may be delays during data collection, or while you rework your analysis. We understand the frustration that comes with navigating the intricacies in this journey.  


Educators can think of this set of six guides as a resource that has succinctly described the workings of HPE research in accessible language. Hopefully, reading the guides equips educators with the knowledge essential for embarking on HPE research.


In these guides, you can:


1.    Research Traditions.pdf– find the paradigm(s) that you can situate your research

2.     Research Design.pdf– identify a strategy for your research to develop your research plan

3.     Quantitative Data Collection.pdf – learn the basic concepts for starting to collect your data

4.    Qualitative Data Collection.pdf – use two common methods for gathering qualitative data

5.     Qualitative Data Analysis.pdf – pick up a framework for analysing your transcripts

6.     Quantitative Data Analysis.pdf-  pick up the common tools in descriptive and inferential statistics

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