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​Dermatology Residency Programme

Resident's Talk

"I enjoy Dermatology as skin lesions are sometimes the window through which unknown underlying conditions are detected."

Dr Wang Ding Yuan

Introduction Message

Dermatology is the specialty that studies the relationship between skin pathologies and malfunctions of other bodily organs. NHG's Dermatology Senior Residency Programme is designed to equip the resident with an educational and practical experience that allows him/her to deliver specialised care to patients with diseases of the skin.

The NHG Dermatology Residency Programme, preceded by a broad-based clinical educational programme via the Internal Medicine Residency, offers three and a half years of dermatology education. The first year of the programme places emphasis on general dermatology, dermatopathology, basic surgical procedures, and sexually transmitted infections. In the second year, the resident will gain clinical exposure to subspecialties in dermatology, including procedural dermatology, skin cancers, photobiology and phototherapy, and inpatient dermatology. The final year of the programme emphasises the consolidation of knowledge and attainment of independent professional competence. The resident will also undergo six months of General Medicine during the residency training.

Throughout the resident's educational journey, he/she will receive guidance from our team of passionate faculty who is dedicated to ensuring a fulfilling and rewarding learning experience. Upon completion of residency training, the resident should be thoroughly equipped with the necessary clinical knowledge and skills to handle common and complex dermatological cases encountered in typical outpatient and inpatient settings. He/she should also be well-grounded in dermatological principles and be able to seamlessly progress to an advanced dermatological fellowship if he/she desires.

Programme Faculty


Training Sites (Programme Partners)

Main training site: National Skin Centre

Participating training sites:

  1. Changi General Hospital
  2. National University Hospital
  3. Singapore General Hospital