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​NHG Dermatology Residency Programme

Resident's Talk

“Dermatology is truly fascinating. With an observant eye and inquisitive mind, one can decode silent visual clues of skin lesions and reveal true colours of a complex medical condition lurking beneath..”

Dr Tan Chee Hian
Senior Resident

Am I eligible to apply for your programme?

If the resident is locally trained, he/she must currently be completing or have completed an Internal Medicine Residency Programme. If the resident is foreign-trained, he/she must have completed an equivalent structured training programme in The United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia or New Zealand, subject to review and approval by the Specialist Accreditation Board.

How can I learn more about your programme?

An open house will be held at the main training site, National Skin Centre, approximately 4-8 weeks before application opens. Please visit for details and information on the open house. During the open house, the resident will get to meet with the Programme Director, Associate Programme Directors, Core Faculty, and Chief Resident(s) to find out more about the programme.

How do I apply for your programme?

The application is centrally coordinated by MOHH. The application period for Senior Residency programmes will be held yearly during the March/April period. Please visit their website for details and information on Senior Residency application.

What happens after I apply for your programme?

After applying for the programme, the resident will need to:

  1. Submit a detailed personal portfolio to the Programme Director based on a standardised template given. This will be used for initial evaluation by the Selection Panel.
  2. Attend a Final Selection interview organised by the Dermatology Residency Programme. The Selection Panel will comprise of Programme Director / Associate Programme Directors and Head of Department from various participating sites.