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​NHG Dermatology Residency Programme

Resident's Talk

"I enjoy Dermatology as skin lesions are sometimes the window through which unknown underlying conditions are detected."

Dr Wang Ding Yuan


The 10 core dermatology modules have been selected based on the major dermatology themes reflecting importance in future clinical practice.

The core dermatology modules include:

  1. General Dermatology
  2. Sexually Transmitted Infections
  3. Dermatopathology
  4. Procedural Dermatology
  5. Contact & Occupational Dermatoses
  6. Skin Cancer & Cutaneous Lymphoma
  7. Immunodermatology
  8. Pediatric Dermatology
  9. Psoriasis, Eczema, Phototherapy and Photobiology
  10. Inpatient Dermatology         


Resident's Scholarly Activities

The programme will offer the resident ample opportunity to participate in scholarly activities. He/She will be instructed on the practical and ethical aspects of research prior to participation, and will be encouraged to participate in prospective clinical studies, retrospective studies and perform case write-ups during the 3.5-year Senior Residency. The resident is encouraged to deliver oral or poster presentations at local and regional dermatology scientific meetings such as the National Skin Centre's biannual Dermatology Update and Dermatological Society of Singapore's Annual Scientific Meeting.