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​NHG Dermatology Residency Programme

Resident's Talk

“This is an exciting time to be in Dermatology, with a wide range of emerging therapeutics, technology transformation and research opportunities to advance the field beyond imagination!”

Dr Sophie Cai
Chief Resident


"Consequences of skin conditions may be far greater than what we see or expect, and I've come to appreciate that recognising the functional and psychological impact of skin conditions is as important as diagnosing the presenting rash."

- Dr Ellie Choi, Deputy Chief Resident

"Dermatology is a multifaceted speciality with a strong emphasis on clinical medicine and surgical skills. I am privileged to be treating patients of all ages and to manage conditions in different subspecialties."

- Dr Jessica Ee, Resident

"Mastering the art and science behind diagnosing skin conditions is in itself rewarding, more so when used to reveal the underlying systemic conditions causing them."

- Dr Chai Zi Teng, Resident