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Orthopaedic Surgery

NHG Orthopaedic Surgery Residency Programme

Resident's Talk

“Orthopaedic surgery offers a hands-on approach to problem solving..."

Dr Sean Ho
Senior Resident


Orthopaedic Surgery focuses on injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system, which includes the bones, joints, and muscles of the body. This Residency Programme provides a well- rounded educational experience for the resident to become an expert in helping patients to move and be active.

The NHG Orthopaedic Surgery Residency Programme is accredited by the ACGME-I (Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education International). Our programme includes a structured 6-year curriculum.

In the first year of residency, the resident begins with foundational development in the principles of surgery. During this period, he/she rotates through the department of Accident and Emergency, General Surgery, and Anaesthesia, building on core surgical knowledge before starting on formal orthopaedic training.

From Residency Year 2 to Year 5, our programme provides a focused experience across all major subspecialty areas in orthopaedic surgery including adult reconstruction surgery, hand and reconstructive microsurgery, foot and ankle surgery, musculoskeletal oncology, paediatric orthopaedic surgery, spine surgery, sports medicine, and orthopaedic trauma.

The sixth, and final, year of residency allows the resident to pursue his/her interest in a specific field of orthopaedics so as to prepare him/her for a career after the Residency Programme. More importantly, the resident will grow into a dedicated driver of lifelong learning with a commitment to education and knowledge advancement.

Our Mission

To train the next generation of leaders in the field of Orthopaedic Surgery.

Our Vision

To be a world-class training programme that produces orthopaedic surgeons capable of providing high quality institutional care, with a strong academic background, and a commitment to education, advancing knowledge, and lifelong learning.

Programme Faculty

​Programme Director

Dr Muhammad Farhan Mohd Fadil (TTSH)

​Associate Programme Director

Dr Jacob Oh (TTSH)
Dr Jeffrey Tan (KTPH)

​Clinical Core Faculty Member

Dr Lee Keng Thiam (TTSH)
Dr Sreedharan Sechachalam (TTSH)
Dr Teo Yee Hong (TTSH)
Dr Lester Chan (TTSH)
Dr Kau Chung Yuan (TTSH)
Dr Ivan Chua (TTSH)
Dr Kelvin Tan (TTSH)
Dr Tan Tong Leng (TTSH)
Dr Remesh Kunnasegaran (TTSH)
Dr James Tan (KTPH)
Dr Derek Howard Park (KTPH)
Dr Vaikunthan Rajaratnam (KTPH)
Dr Kelvin Lor (KTPH)
Dr Antony Xavier Rex Premchand (KTPH)
Dr Timothy Teo (KTPH)