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Our Capabilities

​Our Capabilities


Our Capabilities

At NHG Education, our collective progress as a community is vital in building a robust and sustainable learning ecosystem.

By harnessing our diverse expertise and capabilities, we have established a learning ecosystem that not only enables learners and healthcare workforce to learn and develop in their respective fields; but also helps us continually improve the way we deliver trainings, integrate new and innovative ideas, and expand our professional knowledge and skills.

Learn more about our capabilities below:

Health Professions Education Research

Focused on transforming healthcare through knowledge, we at NHG Education aim to improve the health of our population by pushing the frontiers of health professions education (HPE) research. We strive towards better patient outcomes through conducting, translating, and enabling high quality and impactful HPE research to inform healthcare initiatives, practices, interventions and policies.

Conference and Events Management

Conferences are key learning platforms for our healthcare professionals to share ideas and expertise, build social networks, broaden perspectives, and gain insights from industry experts and leaders about the latest innovations and best practices in healthcare and biomedical sciences.

We believe that conference topics and programmes should translate to meaningful interactions and solutions for our healthcare professionals and participants, that is why we have established our own events and conference management capabilities to enable us to achieve that.

Over the years, we have organised and ran a myriad of NHG initiated conferences, seminars and events such as the Singapore Health and Biomedical Congress, NHG Residency Community Engagement Day, NHG HQ Staff night, etc.

Singapore Health and Biomedical Congress (SHBC) is the one of the flagship events of NHG. It is the largest health and biomedical congress in Singapore attended by over 3,000 local and overseas participants, from clinicians of various professional groups, researchers, education leaders to administrators. SHBC remains one of the most prestigious and recognised Scientific Competition among abstract submitters, attracting over 600 submissions locally and around the region.

For more information on SHBC, please visit:

​Learning Design and Digital Solutions

By utilising our wide array of expertise in digital technology, data analytics and learning design, we are able to support our clinical educators, trainers and facilitators in designing teaching-learning experiences that are pedagogical effective and engaging.

We also provide consultation, support and solutions on courseware development; with the focus on areas such as blended learning (mix of digital learning and classroom training), evaluation, and feedback processes.

For collaboration opportunities, please contact us:

Workshops and Digital Tools

We also conduct workshops and have purposefully put in place a set of easy-to-use Tech Tools Series guides, to equip our educators and colleagues in creating engaging and interactive content for learners and any target audience.

Follow the link to learn more about our workshops:

Tech Tool Series guides and microlearning courses are accessible via eLEARN: (*some content requires internet connectivity)

EMIS (Education Management Information System)

Our Education Management Information System (EMIS) is a suite of customised systems that enable us to consolidate data on our learners and educators, and use the data efficiently and effectively to manage our clinical training programmes and support our educators.

EMIS comprises:

  • Learning Evaluation Assessment Platform (LEAP)
  • Resident Database (RDB)
  • Teachers & Educators Database (TEDBase)
  • eLEARN

​LEAP (Learning, Evaluation, and Assessment Platform) is a mobile and web-based application for learners and faculty to access and complete evaluations, submit case logs, and track scholarly activities on the go.

NHG LEAP website:

The NHG LEAP app is available for download via the Google Playstore and LEAP web interface (login required).

​RDB (Resident Database) is a centralised repository to capture, manage and update resident-related information such as training progress, assessments and certifications achieved.

​TEDBase (Teachers and Educators Database) is a centralised repository for faculty management, and an education portfolio for faculty, including information related to academic appointments, education scholarly activities, and teaching awards.

​In addition to the management information systems, NHG adopts eLEARN as our e-learning platform that offers users the convenience of on-demand learning.  Users are able to conveniently access training materials on their mobile devices through the eLEARN mobile app, or on their desktop.

NHG eLEARN website:
NHG eLEARN is available for download via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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