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Pharmacy Residency

​​Pharmacy Residency

Pharmacy Residency

Pharmacy Residency

The National Pharmacy Residency Programmes, implemented by the Ministry of Health in January 2016, aims to equip accredited specialist pharmacists with the skills to provide specialised pharmaceutical care services in the public healthcare institutions of Singapore, through various Pharmacy Residency programmes accredited by Pharmacy Specialists Accreditation Board (PSAB).

NHG institutions serve as the main training sites for these pharmacy residency specialities: Cardiology, Geriatrics, and Psychiatry.

​R2 in Cardiology Pharmacy

Pharmacists who are interested in providing optimal medication treatment for patients with cardiovascular diseases can undergo the National Pharmacy Programme in Cardiology (R2), to deepen their clinical skills and knowledge relevant to Cardiology, as well as other professional skills, so as to become leaders in the Cardiology pharmacy practice.

This 12-month experiential learning programme trains residents in a patient-focused setting where you will acquire skills on how to manage and improve the medication treatment for patients with or at risk of cardiovascular disease, participate in specialised teaching and contribute to the body of cardiovascular pharmacotherapy knowledge.

Main site: Tan Tock Seng Hospital

Programme Director
Ms Wong Yee May
Principal Pharmacist (Specialist)
Tan Tock Seng Hospital

​R2 in Geriatric Pharmacy

The National Pharmacy Residency programme (R2) in Geriatrics hones residents' pharmaceutical skills and necessary non-technical skills to develop awareness and appreciate ethical issues in the care of older adults. Residents will work as an independent practitioner of pharmaceutical care in geriatrics, providing optimal care and treatment for older-age illnesses.

Through the 12-month, practice-based programme, you will embark on a learning experience with a wide range of opportunities for commitment to self-improvement of their skills and knowledge on geriatric care, service orientation, pride in and service to the profession, as well as personal development.

Training sites: Tan Tock Seng Hospital and Khoo Teck Puat Hospital/Yishun Community Hospital

Programme Director
Ms Tan Keng Teng
Principal Pharmacist (Specialist)
Tan Tock Seng Hospital

​R2 in Psychiatric Pharmacy

For pharmacists who have a keen interest in providing optimal use of medications for the treatment of patients with psychiatric and neuropsychiatric disorders can specialise their practice through the National Pharmacy Residency Programme (R2) in Psychiatry. Residents will enhance their clinical skills and to become proficient in the treatment of mental Illnesses as integral members of the multidisciplinary team.

The main training site for this 12-month experiential learning programme is at the Institute of Mental Health, where you will expand your capacity to identify, evaluate and manage a range of complex clinical issues across diverse patient populations and disease states in both the acute and chronic care settings, through providing patient-centred medication therapy and psychoeducation to patients and caregivers, with an aim to monitor the tolerability and effectiveness of treatment and achieve adherence and persistence of therapy. You will also be coached in conducting clinical research or quality improvement initiatives, reviewing the medication use and patient care processes, and to design and deliver clinical teaching.

Graduates shall effectively serve healthcare organisations as the authoritative resource for evidenced-based and best practices in medication-related aspects for the care of persons in mental health settings.  

Main site: Institute of Mental Health

Programme Director
Mr Ng Boon Tat
Principal Pharmacist (Specialist)
Institute of Mental Health

​For more information on our pharmacy residency programmes and how to apply, contact

Ms Selvia Kosim (Point of Contact)

To learn more about all the National Pharmacy Residency Programmes, please visit

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