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​​NHG Education 10th Anniversary


​Our 10th Anniversary

NHG Education celebrates its 10th Anniversary in 2020! Since starting out in 2010, we have grown as a community and progressively developed health professions education in NHG. It has been an exciting journey thus far! As we continue to evolve for many years to come, we will strive to uphold our vision of ‘Inspiring Professionals, Imagining Tomorrow, and Re-Inventing Healthcare’ by empowering our learners and healthcare professionals with vital skills and capabilities needed to face the complex needs and challenges of tomorrow’s healthcare.

Join us in our year-long campaign as we HONOUR our educators, CELEBRATE our milestones and LOOK FORWARD to the future of education in NHG!

​ Anniversary Logo


The word ‘edu’ is presented in lower case to project a simple yet professional image that is representative of NHG Education. The graphical ‘10’ consists of two different sizes of triangles, in the three corporate colours of our parent organisation, NHG, (red, blue and turquoise), representing the partnership and collaboration between the various stakeholders in education – Educators, Learners, Administrators, etc.

The dominant colours include red, representing life and passion, two varying shades of blue, representing intelligence and inspiration, and turquoise, representing energy and growth.

​Our edu10 Campaign

Discover our edu10 campaign and follow us on social media for our latest campaign features.


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