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Developing Our Faculty

Pre-Professional Education Committee Retreat

Developing our Faculty and Clinical Educators

Recognising that our faculty and clinical educators are a key aspect to ensuring that our learners receive quality education and training, we continuously strive to provide developmental opportunities to help them become better educators, deepen their education expertise, and grow as leaders.

NHG Faculty Development Framework

The NHG Faculty Development Framework is developed to help educators, who are holding different roles, better understand education-related competencies and core educational concepts during their educational journey. 

Through our collaboration with NHG College, we are able to tap on the expertise of both local and globally-renowned experts, institutions and partners to bring quality learning opportunities to our clinical educators, faculty and healthcare workforce.

To learn more about the Education & Faculty Development Programmes, Leadership Development Programmes, and Continuing Education & Professional Development Programmes, visit NHG College, or contact our colleagues at

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