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​​Hospital Clinician Scheme

​​The Hospital Clinician (HC) Scheme is a nationally recognised long-term career pathway that is designed for doctors who wish to work in acute and sub-acute public hospitals and aspire to reach higher level of responsibilities. HCs will gain the necessary clinical experience and broad-based medical competencies through a comprehensive and structured curriculum to form the "backbone" of public hospitals inpatient medical care resources, working in teams with specialists, nurses, and allied health professionals.

The HC Scheme will take two to three years to complete. Upon completion of the work-based training programme, Hospital Clinicians will have to take a diploma exam administered by the Academy of Medicine, Singapore.

​​Why choose the Hospital Clinician track?

·         The HC Scheme is a nationally recognised scheme specifically designed for doctors who are committed to serve in the public sector.
·         There is early entry into the programme from PGY 41 (Postgraduate Year 4).
·         The HC track provides a long-term and viable career that affords flexibility to move between acute and sub-acute settings and focused areas in medical and surgical tracks.
·         You can develop expertise in areas beyond clinical care including administration and education.

1 At PGY 4, HCs will remain under the employment of MOHH, after which they can transfer employment to NHG institutions.

​Key Features of the Scheme

Eligibility Criteria


  1.  Singaporean, Singapore Permanent Resident, or local-trained foreigner1 who has   completed at least 2 years of clinical experience as an MO (medical officer) or   equivalent grade (i.e. start of PGY 4).
2.  Must hold either a full registration or conditional registration2.


1 Local-trained foreigners are foreigners who have graduated from a local medical school or have completed local residency training.
2 Conditionally registered doctors must attain L2 supervisory level before they can transfer employment to NHG institutions.

​Roles and Responsibilities of Hospital Clinicians

HCs are expected to perform the following:

·         Conduct initial assessment and treatment
·         Perform routine reviews, documentation, communication, changes, and simple procedures
·         Identify critically unwell patients, initiate early resuscitation with support from senior doctors
·         Perform common ward-based/bedside procedures under guidance/supervision from senior doctors

​Career Progression

An exciting career awaits you as a Hospital Clinician! As you gain more experience, you may progress to the level of a Principal Hospital Clinician with opportunities for management and administrative leadership roles.

​Contact Information

For more information​ on the HC Scheme in NHG, please refer to this booklet. 

Doctors who are keen on exploring the HC Scheme may reach out to the following administrative and clinical programme leads:

NHG College

​Cluster Admin Lead

Mr Thomas Chua Yock Yee

Khoo Teck Puat Hospital

​Programme Director

Dr Tan Teck Choon

HR Contact

Ms Dorcas Chng

Tan Tock Seng Hospital

​Programme Director

Dr Tang Yee Lin 

Admin Contact

Woodlands Health

​Programme Director

Dr Amila Clarence A C Y Punyadasa

HR Contact

Mr Low Teck Yee

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