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Our Leadership Team

​Our Leadership Team


A dedicated team, passionate about the growth and development of the healthcare professionals of tomorrow

Our leadership team sets the strategic direction for healthcare education in NHG, ensuring the delivery of quality education and training for all healthcare professions, and provide growth and developmental opportunities for our learners, educators and healthcare workforce.




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​Associate Professor Michelle Jong

Group Chief Education Officer, NHG
President, NHG College

"Our goal is that we build an environment for learning; that the learning translates into doing; that the doing translates into the best care for our community, and whilst we care for the community we learn to do better."

Ms Serene Goh

Director, NHG Education

"NHG Education crossed our 10-year mark in 2020, and we look back with fond memories of how we worked with our institutions and schools to set up the residency and pre-professional education offices. We are now ready to further embrace our mission of improving the health of our patients and the community through the education of our healthcare partners, patients and caregivers."

​Associate Professor Wong Teck Yee

Cluster Education Director (Pre-Professional Education), NHG
Academic Director, NHG College

"As healthcare educators, we have an obligation to the schools, our organisation, and the students. We at the NHG Pre-Professional Education office strive to ensure that the students who walk through our doors are fit for purpose when they enter the Singapore healthcare system."

Associate Professor Faith Chia

Designated Institutional Official, NHG Residency

"At NHG Residency, we strive to train and nurture our residents to be competent, compassionate and forward-looking professionals who will lead the way for tomorrow's healthcare."

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