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edu10 Campaign

​NHG Education 10th Anniversary


Discover Our edu10 Campaign

Dive into uplifting stories and voices from individuals who helped lay the foundations, inspiring educators and faculty who have trained and changed the lives of many, and the learners who are on this journey with us as we continue to work towards becoming the professionals for tomorrow’s healthcare.

Learn about who we are and what we do at NHG Education. [Watch]          

Our Origins

From setting up medical residency programmes to forging collaborations and partnerships with institutions and overseas experts, find out how NHG Education came about and the people who were there from the start.
Learn more about how we started and the people who made it happen. [Watch]

Ms Yvonne Ng, Senior Director, NHG Education, who was there when it began, shares some of her stories, challenges and proudest moments when setting up NHG Education. [Read]

We will not be where we are today without the generosity, the shared knowledge and experience of our overseas partners. Hear from these renowned experts who have since become our friends. [Watch]

Residency in NHG

Since the beginning, NHG Residency has trained and nurtured many of our learners, and provided them with a supportive and enriching environment to develop into dynamic, competent and compassionate healthcare professionals.

NHG Residency has continually sought new ways to support the training of medical and pharmacy residents over the last 10 years. Find out what makes residency training unique at NHG [Watch/Read].

Not only did the pioneer Programme Directors (PDs) need to adapt to a totally new medical specialist training system, they had to build their programmes from scratch. Learn more about their journey, the challenges they faced, the things they have achieved, but most importantly the fond memories they shared.

- Dr Kenneth Heng, Senior Consultant, Emergency Department, TTSH [Read]
- Dr Chuah Khoon Leong, Senior Consultant, Head of Department of Pathology, TTSH [Read]
- Associate Professor Chiam Peak Chiang, Vice Chairman Medical Board (Education), (IMH) [Read]
- Associate Professor Koh Nien Yue, Senior Consultant, TTSH [Read]
- Special tribute to the late Associate Professor Vijayan Appasamy, Pioneer Programme Director, NHG General Surgery Residency Programme [Read]

Pre-Professional Education in NHG

Many students pursuing their studies in various healthcare fields have come through our doors for their clinical training and placements. Learn more about the consolidation of pre-professional education in NHG, and how NHG forged a collaborative partnership with Nanyang Technological University Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine as its primary clinical training partner. [Watch]

Adapting to her new role of taking charge and making decisions in the wards was a big challenge for Dr Wee Lin, NHG Internal Medicine resident and LKCMedicine alumna. Find out what she has to say about her transition from medical student to a PGY1 (Post Graduate Year One) doctor. [Read]

Making Our Mark

Photo credit: NTU LKCMedicine

Throughout our journey, we have consistently strived to build and enrich health professions education and research in NHG. Join us as we look back on our achievements over the last 10 years, and celebrate the new ones to come. [Watch]

Developing Our People

​A strong community of clinical educators is essential for our learners' journey in becoming leading healthcare professionals. By helping them to develop and become better educators, we are then able to provide quality education and training for our learners. Learn more about our faculty and professional development efforts through the support of NHG College over the last decade. [Watch]

Health professions education (HPE) research is crucial for the betterment of HPE. Learn more about HOMER’s (Health Outcomes and Medical Education Research) beginnings, philosophy, and their vision for the future of HPE research as they move into HOMER 2.0. [Read]

​Recognising Our Educators

Our community of dedicated and experienced educators provides our learners with excellent clinical training and support for their progress to become the professionals for tomorrow’s healthcare. Learn more about our inspiring educators from the featured stories below.

Discover what drives our clinicians to teach, be involved in education, and how they inspire their learners and the next generation of healthcare professionals. [Watch]

Our pioneer educators paved the way and laid the foundations for health professions education (HPE) in NHG. Our senior educators refined how HPE is delivered. And the future of HPE, lies with our junior educators. Meet some of our junior educators, and learn what motivates them to teach, and impart their skills and knowledge to a new generation of healthcare professionals. [Watch]

COVID-19 Special

While the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about unprecedented challenges to healthcare, it has also brought to the fore the resilience and indomitable spirit of our educators, truly exemplifying how education never ends. [Watch]  



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