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About Us

​​​​​​​Inspiring Professionals, Imagining Tomorrow and Re-inventing Healthcare

At NHG Group Clinical Education, we believe that the education of our present and future healthcare workforce​ is key to improving the lives of our patients and population.

That is why we equip​ our learners and healthcare professionals with the requisite skills and capabilities needed to succeed, not just for today but also for the future. We also continuously leverage on technological innovations to augment learning experiences, and build collaborative networks to share ideas, insights and expertise.

Through these efforts, we hope to inspire a healthcare workforce that will continually discover the boundless possibilities of what tomorrow’s healthcare holds.​

Our Mission

Improve the health of our patients and the community through the education of our present and future healthcare workforce.

Our Vision


The Professional for Tomorrow's Healthcare Framework

Learn more about how the Professional for Tomorrow's Healthcare (PTH) framework guides us on our journey to INSPIRE healthcare professionals, to IMAGINE the possibilities of tomorrow, and to REINVENT the way we deliver healthcare.

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NHG Education at a Glance

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