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About Us

At NHG, we continually strive to equip our people with the right attitudes, capabilities and capacity to meet the changing needs of tomorrow’s healthcare.

Welcome from DIO

“At NHG Residency, we strive to train and nurture our residents to be competent, compassionate and f​orward-looking professionals who ​will lead the way for tomorrow's healthcare."

Asst Prof Faith Chia
Designated Institutional Official
NHG Residency


Our Team

Our administrative team strives to make our residents’ medical journey a smooth and enriching one.

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Our Teaching Tradition

We believe that teaching, training and testing well, will cultivate competent and compassionate physicians.

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Resident Council

The Resident Council, a standing subcommittee of the Graduate Medical Education Committee (GMEC), is established to represent and protect the interests of all NHG Residents.

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Alumni Testimonials

Hear what our alumni has to say about our programmes!


Major Partners

Learn more about our institutions.

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