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Alumni Testimonials

​Alumni Testimonials

"In NHG Residency , you don't just enter a programme, but a family of educators with a tradition of teaching anyone who's willing to learn"

Dr Mok Kwang How, Alumnus, NHG Cardiology Residency


"I'm really thankful for the nurturing seniors that have been a part of my journey as a physician in NHG. The culture of open supportive communication, shared learning and strong emphasis on teaching in NHG makes me grateful to be part of this big-family environment."

Dr Eunice Chua, Alumna, NHG Advanced Internal Medicine Residency


"NHG residency provides an excellent breadth of experience across various institutions. The curriculum structure, coupled with ample opportunities for further professional development even beyond a particular specialty, is a nidus for learning as a healthcare professional."

Dr Lim Wen Phei, Alumna, NHG National Psychiatry Residency

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