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Geriatric Medicine

NHG ​Geriatric Medicine Residency Programme

Resident's Talk

“The NHG Geriatric Medicine Programme offers a comprehensive and interdisciplinary training experience, balancing clinical exposure with research opportunities, and emphasizing the unique needs of the older individual"

Chief Resident of AY2023/2024

Introduction Message

Geriatric Medicine is a unique specialty that specializes in caring for older adults with complex medical issues. Our patient-centered clinical care aims to maintain the function of the older adults, acknowledge the social component contributing to care while managing the medical issues at the same time Our programme seeks to train our residents to deliver quality healthcare to Singapore's rapidly growing ageing population and ultimately transit to become a specialist in this exciting field of medicine.

The NHG Geriatric Medicine Residency Programme is a 3-year training programme, with its first two years accredited by the ACGME-I (Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education-International). During this period, the senior resident will complete compulsory core postings that grant him/her the skills and knowledge to function as a Geriatric Consultant in different settings of care. The final year of training further develops the resident's competency in geriatric care and also allows them to explore specific fields of interest such as models of geriatric care, frailty, nutrition in the elderly, and geriatric syndromes such as falls, incontinence, and dementia. Upon completion of the 3-year programme, the resident will achieve an accreditation by the Singapore Specialist Accreditation Board and become certified as a specialist in Geriatric Medicine.

The pilot Department of Geriatric Medicine was first established by Emeritus Dr FJ Jayaratnam in 1988 at Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH). Geriatricians are heavily involved in clinical, translational, and health services research, which equip them with exceptional knowledge and skills to care for the elderly. Apart from establishing programmes and services for the acute care of the elderly, Geriatricians play an important role in the management of frail elderly across home-based and institutional care settings in the country. Increasingly so, Geriatricians are also involved in preventative care to look after the older adults in the community as well.

Programme Faculty

​Programme Director

Dr Kua Ee Chia Joanne (TTSH)

​Associate Programme Director

Dr Claudia Koh Yiwen (KTPH)

​Clinical Core Faculty Members

Dr Daphne Yang Zihui (TTSH)
Dr Noorhazlina (TTSH)
Dr Tan Huei Nuo (TTSH)
Dr Rani Ramason (TTSH)
Dr Natesan Selvaganapathi (TTSH)
Dr Lieu Ping Kong (TTSH)
Dr Lee Liang Tee (TTSH)
Dr Chong Kah Chun Edward (TTSH)
Dr Joyce Yap Kwee Yong (TTSH)
Dr David Ng Wei Han (TTSH)
Dr Chua Min Jia (KTPH)
Dr Ng Chong Jin (KTPH)
Dr Priscilla Ng (KTPH)
Dr Pang Wee Yang (KTPH)
Dr Lawrence Tan Wei Meng (KTPH)
Dr Ong Eng Hui (WHC)
Dr Chew Aik Phon (WHC)


Programme Partners

Our main partner, Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, offers a comprehensive range of medical services and specialist care to the community in the north of Singapore. The Department of Geriatric Medicine is well-established with a strong culture for teaching and research.

We also partner with Ren Ci Community Hospital, Yishun Community Hospital, Dover Park Hospice, Institute of Mental Health, Changi General Hospital, Ng Teng Fong General Hospital, the Departments of Psychological Medicine, Palliative Medicine, Rehabilitation Medicine, and the Continuing and Community Care at Tan Tock Seng Hospital.