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Renal Medicine

​Renal Medicine Residency Programme

Resident's Talk

Renal Medicine is exciting and offers a wide and holistic range of care from procedures to chronic disease management. It is satisfying to overcome challenges and grow, with the guidance of our supportive faculty"

Senior Resident

Introduction Message

Renal Medicine (Nephrology) is the medical specialty that handles the diagnosis and treatment of patients with kidney diseases. This programme aims to produce competent physicians who can manage a variety of kidney problems including acute and chronic kidney diseases, fluid and electrolyte disorders, glomerulonephritis, and hypertension.

The NHG Renal Medicine Residency Programme is a 3.5-year training programme structured to offer specialist medical training to any resident who wishes to pursue a career in Nephrology. Aside from clinical competence, we hope to develop physicians who are professional, compassionate, and possess the habit of lifelong learning.

Our faculty is committed to providing the resident with a trainee-centred and an outcome-based education process, with defined competencies in each year of training. The resident will also have the opportunity to participate in medical education, research, and clinical leadership in an open and nurturing environment.

The journey in Renal Medicine will not only be an enriching experience but also a great opportunity to forge good and enduring relationships with colleagues. 

Programme Faculty


Programme Director

​Dr Timothy Koh Jee Kam

​Core Clinical Faculty Members

Dr Claude Jeffrey Renaud (KTPH)
Dr Lim Eng Kuang (KTPH)
Dr See Yong Pey (TTSH)
Dr Timothy Koh Jee Kam (TTSH)
Dr Yeo See Cheng (TTSH)

​Faculty Members

Dr Benjamin Khoo (TTSH)
Dr Boxall Mark Colin (WHC)

Programme Partners

Khoo Teck Puat Hospital (KTPH) is a major affiliate of the NHG Residency, and prides itself on providing integrated healthcare. The resident who rotates through KTPH will witness and experience close collaboration with healthcare workers in the community, allowing him/her to provide continued care for renal patients after they are discharged from the hospital. There will be ample opportunity for experiential learning across the medical discipline such as demonstration of patient safety awareness, quality improvement, sound clinical reasoning, and decision-making through the various teaching activities.    

Singapore General Hospital (SGH), a participating site of the NHG Renal Medicine Residency Programme, is an academic medical centre with a strong teaching culture, built upon years of experience gathered by their faculty. It promises the resident an early exposure to academia. The resident will rotate to SGH for a core posting in Renal Transplantation under the supervision of the site director. During this rotation, the resident will participate in the care of renal transplant donors and recipients, as well as provide care to patients on the deceased-donor waiting list.