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Family Medicine

Family Medicine Residency Programme

Resident's Talk

"Forging close relationships with patients to provide cost effective, personalized care in the community to meet their health needs through the ages. A career like none other that promises fresh challenges and meaning. That's why I chose Family Medicine."

Dr Lim Jia Qing

​Mission statement:

The NHG Family Medicine Residency program seeks to deliver an evidence-based educational experience that will train up competent Family Physicians who will provide excellent Primary Care for the nation.

Goals: We will focus on:

  1. Family Medicine principles of personal, primary, preventive, comprehensive, continuing, and compassionate care to all patients
  2. Advancing Family Medicine by contributing to the body of practical, scientific knowledge
  3. Medical excellence in academic pursuits and professional conduct
  4. Individualized learning through an adaptive curriculum that is sensitive to the needs of the learner
  5. Learning experiences which are coordinated in the healthcare system and based in the community
  6. You, our resident

Introduction Message

A Family Physician provides personal, primary, preventive, comprehensive, continuing, and coordinated healthcare to patients. This programme aims to equip the resident with the skills and knowledge to provide comprehensive inter-generational care to patients and their families.

NHG’s Family Medicine Residency Programme is a 3-year broad-based training programme. It comprises compulsory rotations to 12 specialist departments and a choice of three short elective postings to broaden the resident’s scope of experience.
With the role of a family physician in the whole healthcare system in mind, our programme aims to provide the resident with the best training experience so he/she graduates into a competent and capable family physician. Other than medical knowledge and patient care, the programme also focuses on the practical aspect of the resident’s capabilities. We ensure that the resident acquires the skills for systems-based practice and practice-based learning so as to maintain his/her competency for life. Such broad-based training enhances the resident’s effectiveness as a family physician in the Singapore primary care setting.

Under the tutelage of family physician supervisors, the resident will start with weekly half day primary care clinic exposure in Year 1 and in Years 2 and 3, the resident will run full-day continuity clinics with fellow residents. They will operate these clinics at the Family Medicine Centres within National Healthcare Group Polyclinics (NHGP) located in the central and northern parts of Singapore. As a primary care institution with a vision of “Advancing Family Medicine and Transforming Primary Healthcare”, NHGP provides high value training that is grounded in the values of family medicine.

During his/her residency, the resident will undergo clinical training and practice supervised by dedicated specialist faculty of Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH), Khoo Teck Puat Hospital (KTPH), KK Women's and Children's Hospital (KKH), and National University Hospital (NUH). The core faculty of this programme consists of excellent clinical tutors who are recognised for their teaching efforts and are also actively involved in undergraduate training.

Programme Faculty

Programme Director

Dr Jason Chan (NHGP)

Associate Programme Director

Dr Kee Kok Wai (NHGP)
Dr Teh Kailin (NHGP)
Dr Jeremy Koh (NHGP)

Clinical Core Faculty Member

Dr Cheong Seng Kwing (TTSH)
Dr Angelia Chua Hwee Ling (NHGP)
Dr Darren Seah (NHGP)
Dr Jeremy Foo Fung Yee (NHGP)
Dr Gabriel Ding Teck Yong (NHGP)
Dr Low Kang Yih (NHGP)
Dr Sim Sai Zhen (NHGP)
Dr Keith Tan Dihao (NHGP)
Dr Vivek Bansal (NHGP)
Dr Wan Jin Hui (NHGP)
Dr Tan Hue Min (NHGP)
Dr Lim Wei Khoon (NHGP)
Dr Ian Koh (NHGP)