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Policies & Documents

​​​​​​​​The NHG Graduate Medical Education (GME) institutional policies are established to ensure that the quality of residents' education and work environment comply with, remain relevant and are consistent with the prevailing requirements.

Click here to access the NHG GME institutional policies and procedures (listed below) and policies-related documents (*Please note that these policies and documents are only accessible via the NHG intranet):

  1. Disaster Preparedness
  2. Resident Eligibility for Selection and Appointment
  3. Addressing Resident Grievance
  4. Programme Closure and Reduction
  5. Resident Supervision
  6. Resident Clinical and Education Work Hours in the Learning and Working Environment
  7. Vendor Relationships
  8. Education Review Protocol
  9. Academic Discipline Process and Guidelines
  10. Moonlighting
  11. Quality Assurance of Out-Rotations
  12. Resident Transfer or Withdrawal from Programme
  13. Allowable Days of Absence During Training
  14. Addressing Complaints and Concerns
  15. Car Park Facilities Provided to Residents with Mobility Impairment
  16. Impairment
  17. Overseas Conference Sponsorship for Residents
  18. GME Faculty Sponsorship of Education Conferences
  19. Leave of Absence from Training
  20. NHG Personal Training Fund
  21. Management of NHG Residency Policies and Procedures
  22. A Respectful Learning and Working Environment
  23. Managing Residents/PGY1s At Risk Of or In Crisis
  24. Conflict of Interest
  25. Non-Academic Discipline Process and Guidelines
  26. Faculty Appointments in NHG Residency
  27. Accommodations for Training

Please approach your respective Programme Director, Programme Coordinator, Chief Resident, and/or Resident Council if you have any queries on the policies.

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