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Faculty Development


​At NHG Residency, we value our educators. We believe that their mission to train is of upmost importance, and we support them fully. Our Faculty Development programme aims to connect our faculty members to vital resources, while providing them with the knowledge and skills needed for them to excel in training the next generation of doctors.   ​

If you are a Residency Faculty to residents

To support you in creating enriching educational and training experiences for our residents and training the next generation of healthcare professionals, we have consolidated a range of valuable and informative resources for you.

​If you are a Resident Educator and Mentor to junior doctors, medical students, and other healthcare learners

At NHG Residency, we believe in developing you as Resident Educators and Mentors to junior doctors, medical students, and other healthcare learners.

To facilitate your development in clinical teaching and mentoring, we provide funding support for you to attend faculty development activities such as programmes, workshops, and education conferences, through our DREAM (Developing Resident Educators and Mentors) programme.

Click here (see "PPE Faculty" under "Faculty Development Resources") to learn more about faculty development activities to support your journey in training the junior doctors, medical students, and other healthcare learners.

Do look out for emails sent periodically regarding registration details. You can also refer to NHG Education calendar of events to find out more. If you are keen to attend other courses related to teaching and education, please contact your Programme Director for further discussion.

For other queries, please approach your Programme Director or Programme Coordinator.


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