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Diagnostic Radiology

​Diagnostic Radiology Residency Programme

Resident's Talk

“Radiology is the perfect combination of my interests in technology and medicine…. It gives us a window into the human body and to find out what ails it.”

Dr Alvin Soon
Alumni, Associate Consultant, TTSH Department of Diagnostic Radiology

​Introduction Message

Radiologists specialise in the diagnosis of diseases based on the interpretation of medical images obtained through different imaging techniques. These techniques include X-rays, Ultrasound, MRI and CT scans. This programme aims to produce a specialist who is ready for any consultant post in the practice of clinical and academic radiology.

The NHG Diagnostic Radiology Residency Programme is a 5-year programme leading up to a specialist accreditation in Diagnostic Radiology by the Ministry of Health’s Specialist Accreditation Board.

The programme’s well-rounded and challenging training nurtures the next generation of radiologists to become experts in the practice of clinical and academic radiology. It is in our vision to produce graduates with leadership qualities, the necessary skills in leading quality improvement projects, research, teaching, and administration, in order to prepare them for any consultant post upon graduation.

The radiology departments have a long history and reputation for putting its residents through a rigorous training programme that uses a wide resource of clinical material for teaching. Nonetheless, our staff radiologists and visiting consultants who possess a complete range of subspecialty expertise will offer close guidance to each resident.

Programme Faculty


​Programme Director

Dr Daniel Wong En Shen (TTSH)

​Associate Programme Directors

​​Dr Chin Teck Yew (KTPH)

​Clinical Core Faculty Members

Dr Julian Goh Park Nam (TTSH)
Dr Ankit Tandon (TTSH)
Dr Tan Bien Peng (TTSH)
Dr Ting Yonghan (TTSH)
Dr Low Hsien Min (TTSH)
Dr Justin Kwan (TTSH)
Dr Sundeep Punamiya (TTSH)
Dr Lee Yeong Shyan (TTSH)
Dr Hollie Lim Mei Yeen (TTSH)
Dr Chou Hong (KTPH)
Dr Paul See Poh Lye (KTPH)
Dr Mohamad Isham (KTPH)
Dr Chin Teck Yew (KTPH)
Dr Dinesh Chinchure (KTPH)
Dr Niraj Dubey (KTPH)
Dr Tang Phua Hwee (KKH)
Dr Sean Yan Xuexian (SGH)