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Microbiology (Integrated Programme)

Microbiology (Integrated Programme)

Resident's Talk

"Being in the lab is a step closer to the truth: each day brings variety, and something new; microbiology suits curious people."

Microbiology (Integrated Programme)

Microbiology (Integrated Programme)

Clinical Microbiology is the science behind the cure!

This discipline develops expertise in all aspects of infection, including pathogenesis, epidemiology, diagnosis, infection prevention and control, patient management, and research. The role of a Clinical Microbiologist varies from being more laboratory based to being clinically ‘hands on’. Understanding the breadth of opportunities is important as your career may take you down different routes. Your primary responsibility is to oversee the laboratory diagnostic services, and to optimise its use by staying abreast of the clinical literature and new technologies. Quality assurance, supported by data interpretation and an eye for detail, will become a strength. You will lead and/or liaise closely with laboratory, clinic, and ward-based colleagues in interpreting clinical and laboratory data to facilitate and optimise the diagnosis and treatment of patients. You will also work with public health, as we play a crucial role in the surveillance of infectious diseases and detecting and managing outbreaks. Microbiology includes bacteriology, virology, mycology, parasitology, serology, molecular microbiology and antimicrobial resistance. This discipline lends itself to research, especially with changes in technology, applied genomics, the spread of antimicrobial resistance, and the emergence of new infectious diseases.

Commencing as a residency programme in July 2024, new residents will be enrolled under the Singapore Integrated Programme (SGIP) for Microbiology with National Healthcare Group (NHG) as the administrative centre.

Programme Faculty

Programme Director - Dr Timothy Barkham (NHG)
Associate Programme Director – Dr Chew Ka Lip (NUHS)
Associate Programme Director – Dr Tan Si Huei (SHS)


Residents are rotated through laboratories in NHG, NUHS, and SHS, to give them a wide exposure to different sub-specialty areas, different patient demographics, and different working environments.