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Residency Application

​All applications to medical residency programmes in Singapore are centrally coordinated by MOH Holdings Pte Ltd (MOHH). To participate in residency application, you will need to be offered employment by MOHH. For more information on the eligibility criteria, application timeline and process, please visit MOHH's website

Graduates of Singapore medical schools and those with primary medical qualifications registrable under the Medical Registration Act (First Schedule) are eligible to apply to the residency programme. Graduates from overseas universities must secure an offer of employment as a doctor with MOHH first. If you are an overseas graduand or graduate and require more information, please email

General information on residency training programmes in Singapore, including the Clinician Scientist programme, can be found on Ministry of Health's website

If you are keen in any of our residency programmes, kindly email the respective Programme Directors. Their contact details are available on the residency programme pages.

Application for July 2022 Residency Intake

Applicants are to submit application online through MOHH eResidency portal, and apply for Programme interviews directly with the Sponsoring Institution (SI).

For information on application through MOHH eResidency portal, please visit MOHH's website

To apply for Programme interviews with NHG Residency, applicants must register at this link:


  1. The NHG Residency Programme interviews registration link will be accessible until 3 Oct 2021.
  2. Applicants who did not register through the link by 3 Oct 2021 can email the respective Programme Coordinator(s) to enquire if interview slots are still available.                
  3. Actual interview date may differ due to number of applicants. Our Programme Coordinator will contact you to confirm your interview date.
  4. You are only to apply for an interview for a programme that you have submitted in your application to MOHH. All interview requests for other programmes will be considered invaild.

For general enquiries, please contact: 

Residency Programme

Interview Date(s)

Programme Coordinator

Anaesthesiolgy 2 Nov, 9 Nov

Ms Nur Ayudia Binte Kassim

Diagnostic Radiology 20 Oct, 10 Nov, 23 Nov Ms Lydia Sarip
Mr Ivan Lee
Emergency Medicine 1 Nov, 11 Nov, 17 Nov, 24 Nov Ms Wang Qi Wei, Bibi
Ms Adeline Lee
Family Medicine 12 Nov, 15 Nov,
17 Nov
Ms Jennifer Li
Ms Nur Liyana Binte Ismail
General Surgery 26 Oct Ms Liew See Yin
Internal Medicine 25 Oct, 28 Oct, 8 Nov Mr Mohammad Hadi Bin Mohammad Hayat
Ms Yap Yin Yin
Ophthalmology 20 Oct, 22 Nov Ms Emily Lim
Orthopaedic Surgery 23 Oct Ms Nurharyanti Binte Sahari
Otorhinolaryngology 25 Oct, 8 Nov Ms Emily Lim
Pathology 19 Oct Ms Brenda Wong
Psychiatry 3 Nov, 18 Nov Mr Winston Wong
Urology 3 Nov Ms Sherene Lee

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