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Geriatric Medicine

​NHG Geriatric Medicine Residency Programme

Resident's Talk

“With comprehensive training and self-directed learning, our programme aims to nurture holistic and compassionate future geriatricians.”

Dr Loretta Wong Su-Mae
Chief Resident of AY2020/2021

"The Geriatric Medicine Residency Programme has a tradition of excellence in clinical care, teaching and research. Our experienced and dynamic faculty is committed to education and mentoring. This program aims to provide an enriching and comprehensive training for the development of well-rounded future Geriatricians.”

- Dr Ho Peiying Esther, Alumnus

“The Geriatric Medicine Residency Programme provides a strong culture of mentorship and myriad opportunities for those among us who love managing clinical complexity, imparting and advancing knowledge in the field, and advocating for better care of the older adult. It empowers us to become future-ready geriatricians.”

- Dr Daphne Yang Zihui, Alumnus

“The NHG Geriatric Medicine Residency Programme provides us with a rigorous and all-rounded exposure to the care of the older adult in all stages of health and vulnerability. With the mentorship of our multi-faceted faculty, I am able to gain the skills needed to impact our patients both in the community and in the hospital via clinical care, research, and building of new services.”

Dr Nicole Lin Jia Jing, Chief Resident of AY2021/2022

“The Geriatric Medicine Residency Programme nurtures aspiring geriatricians to be experts in providing holistic and patient-centred care, very much in line with NHG's vision - Adding Years of Healthy Life. I am extremely grateful for the dedicated faculty who go the extra mile in mentorship, and who are excellent role models to emulate.”

-Dr Kristabella Low, Senior Resident