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​​NHG Gastroenterology Residency Programme

Resident's Talk

“Gastro gives me that intoxicating concoction of procedural challenge and intellectual rigour.”

Dr Gabriel Cher
Alumni and Associate Programme Director (KTPH)

 "I love Gastroenterology & Hepatology as it is one of the most diverse and exciting specialties in the medical field. We look after a wide range of both liver and luminal patients in the acute and chronic setting. There are also a lot of hands-on opportunities in diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy- everyday is different and dynamic!"

- Dr Ng Yunn Cheng, Alumni and Faculty Member

“They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. In this programme, I found both”

- Dr Chen Kok Pun, Alumni and Faculty Member

 “It’s not about what you can stomach. It’s about what your gut tells you. Choose us now. “

- Dr Joel Lee, Alumni and Faculty Member

“I like the dynamic, approachable, yet professional culture where you learn and work but also play hard together with dedicated residents and faculty members. You are not merely joining a programme, you are joining our NHG family”

– Dr Chew Weida, Alumni and Core Clinical Faculty Member

“After graduating from IM residency, I had to decide on a career path which would not only satisfy me but keep me looking forward to coming to work every day for. Gastro gives me that intoxicating concoction of procedural challenge and intellectual rigour. Join Gastro and you'll never look back! “

– Dr Gabriel Cher, Alumni and Associate Programme Director (KTPH)

"In Gastro, no two days are alike. An exhilarating odyssey of procedural work and clinical medicine, working alongside a fantastic faculty."

 - Dr Jonathan Kuang, Alumni and Faculty Member

"Gastro is the perfect specialty for the internist who enjoys procedural work and the challenges of problem solving."

- Dr Ching Siew Yi, Alumni and Faculty Member