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Rehabilitation Medicine

​​NHG Rehabilitation Medicine Senior Residency Programme

Resident's Talk

“I chose to join Rehabilitation Medicine because it allows me to provide holistic and transdisciplinary care while accompanying patients on their journey to recovery.”

Dr Justin Seah Desheng
Senior Resident



The senior resident will gain experience in assessment and management of inpatients in the fundamental clinical areas of Rehabilitation Medicine Stroke, Brain Injury, Spinal and MSK Rehabilitation, as well as management of outpatients in various Rehabilitation Medicine clinics at the TTSH Rehabilitation Centre at ICH and within main TTSH. There will also be opportunities to rotate to our Participating Site at NUHS Division of Rehabilitation Medicine for part of the core Rehabilitation Medicine training. 

The senior resident will have opportunities to further develop his/her skills and knowledge in subspecialty areas of his/her choice, as well as short electives in other relevant training programmes.


An example of training rotations:


Rehab Rotation.png 

ABI– Acquired Brain Injury; OTR – Ortho-Trauma; SCI – Spinal Cord Injury; STR – Stroke;
GM – General Medicine; GRM – Geriatric Medicine; CH – Community Hospital; E - Electives

Teaching Activities

The 3-year curriculum provides comprehensive topic coverage of conditions commonly seen in Rehabilitation Medicine. Training objectives are defined for each rotation with specific Learning Tasks.

Apart from gaining clinical experience, skills and knowledge in these clinical areas, the senior resident will have ample opportunity to gain experience in managing an interdisciplinary rehabilitation team, as well as following up with patients after their inpatient rehabilitation programmes.

There are many opportunities for the senior resident to participate and lead in scholarly activities throughout the 3-year training programme. The TTSH Department of Rehabilitation Medicine is involved in many collaborative research projects with leading academic institutions and teaching of medical students, medical graduates in nursing, and allied health professionals.