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​NHG Anaesthesiology Residency Programme

Resident's Talk

"NHG residency represents family to me. We are grateful to have supportive mentors who have guided us along this journey of learning and growth."

Dr Joel Chan
Senior Resident


"Being part of the NHG Anaesthesiology Residency Program has been an enriching experience thus far. We are surrounded by supportive faculty who not only train us to be better clinicians through teaching and providing us with opportunities to broaden our clinical exposure but are also nurturing mentors that we can turn to for guidance and advice throughout our training. I am thankful to be able to go through this journey with my NHG residency family!" Dr Cadence Wee, Chief Resident.

"Being part of residency has allowed me to find a family that will support me throughout and push me to become better. The dedication to our training has allowed me to become a better clinician for my patients." Dr Stacey Goh, Junior Resident.

"Given a choice, I would choose NHG anaesthesia residency again. I feel blessed to be part of a supportive, fun-loving and food-loving community that makes work more enjoyable! We have seniors who care about our well-being, learning and growth and spur us on to be better clinicians." Dr Janelle Tan, Junior Resident.

The Anaesthetist's Soliloquy

To the boy whose life slipped out of my hands

I taste

Sorrow as my heart bleeds tears of pain

Each time my eyes reignite

The burning memory of your voice

From the ashes of my suffering.

I saw

Hands deliver the drugs

Meant to keep you asleep

No longer than the moon's

Rule over the night sky,

Yet you never awoke

To see another sunrise.

I felt

The red wheals over your skin

The antibiotic wreaking anarchy

Your puffy eyes, swollen windpipe

Lungs screaming for oxygen

As they silently suffocated.

I heard

The screams of your parents

Echo deep into the caves of my emotions

When they realized you were now

Afloat in a river far away from

Their worldly reaches.

I smell

The shackles of death

Pound my body for your freedom,

Each night I lay to rest

My heart bounces incessantly

With guilt trapped endlessly below

The ribs of my conscience.

To the boy whose life slipped out of my hands

Adrenaline could not save you,

Yet it keeps my heart throbbing

With your memories.

It squeezes my veins so tight

They bleed a teardrop from -

My five senses.

David Mathew

Residency Alumni