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Orthopaedic Surgery

​NHG Orthopaedic Surgery Residency Programme

Resident's Talk

“Orthopaedic surgery offers a hands-on approach to problem solving..."

Dr Sean Ho
Senior Resident

​​"Reviving life is noble, but being able to provide meaning to life is what orthopaedic surgery is capable of, seeing our patients getting back to the activities they enjoy not only brings joy to their life but also mine! All of us are truly blessed to be part of this ever growing family and to embark on this amazing journey together!"

–Dr Chan Juen Zhik, Senior Resident

“At NHG Orthopaedics, residents learn from dedicated faculty, train alongside motivated peers, and build a culture of mentorship for our juniors. This 6 year programme is a journey that comes with its challenges; challenges that will push you to be better than you were yesterday. Ultimately, this will be a journey of both personal and professional growth, in the pursuit of excellence for our patients.”

- Dr Gloria Cheng, Senior Resident

"The strong teaching culture that is evident in the NHG Residency Programme is what encouraged me to apply. The training here is more of an apprenticeship in a nurturing environment with close camaraderie between junior and senior staff. To me, it is an ideal environment to grow as an orthopaedic resident."

– Dr Kaamini D/O Ravindran Pillay, Resident

“Orthopaedic Surgery allows you to take a hands-on approach to the care of your patient. We aim to relieve pain, correct deformity, and restore the quality of life of our patients. These positive outcomes are not only enjoyed by the patient, but the surgeon as well!”

– Dr Gan Gerrard, Resident