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​NHG Dermatology Residency Programme

Resident's Talk

“The field of dermatology is very diverse and challenging. The harmonised residency programme enables us to broaden our horizons and assimilate the best practices for better patient outcomes.”

Dr Cheong Kai Wai
Chief Resident

"The deepest medical mysteries that sometimes elude other specialists may be solved with attention to what is readily before us - the skin. Dermatology arms us with the skills to do just that."

- Dr Lester Juay, Senior Resident

"Dermatology trains the mind to recognise patterns on the skin canvas, interpret these signs based on scientific foundations that ultimately aim to help patients get well under our care."

- Dr Ochi Harumi, Senior Resident

"Dermatology is a multifaceted and multidisciplinary specialty that requires the physician to utilise all senses to achieve a working diagnosis."

- Dr Dawn Oh, Senior Resident