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Respiratory Medicine

​NHG Respiratory Medicine Residency Programme

Resident's Talk

“I chose respiratory medicine as its scope is wide and diverse with the opportunity for procedures as well as the practice of critical care medicine...”

Dr Ruth Chang

"My desire to join respiratory medicine was for the passion I had for this diverse science which encompasses clinical medicine, procedural skills, pulmonary function lab and intensive care. In a nutshell to enable myself to not only become a respiratory specialist but also a versatile and reliable physician."

- Dr Jason Martin D'souza, Resident


"In Respiratory Medicine, we are trained to be all-rounded physicians who deal with a wide clinical breadth, ranging from patients in the outpatient setting to those in the intensive care unit. There are also ample opportunities to participate in procedures such as bronchoscopy. This is why I chose Respiratory Medicine - our work is never dull!"

- Dr Ng Ziqin, Resident

“I chose Respiratory Medicine because it allows me to take care of patients in varied settings. I get to manage patients with chronic respiratory illnesses in the outpatient clinic, as well as the chance to address the acutely deranged physiologies of critically ill patients in the ICU and hopefully turn them around.”

- Dr Sim Wenyuan, Alumna