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​NHG Pathology Residency Programme 

Resident's Talk

“I chose NHG pathology as I appreciate the direct supervision, feedback and guidance from the faculty which enables me to improve.”

Dr Luke Tay Ern Wei
Resident Year 3

 “I feel part of the big NHG Pathology family, which provides a stimulating, nurturing environment to learn and thrive."

- Dr Lawrence Cheung Chun Chau, Resident Year 1

 "Pathology has been described as an art and science that requires talent for pattern recognition and fine visual memory, as well as a firm understanding of medicine. Individuals who enjoy problem-solving and applying scientific knowledge would revel in performing a prosection, grossing specimens and examining slides. The immense impact of the pathologist on the lives of patients cannot be emphasized enough, as diagnosis and treatment often hinges on the pathologist’s work. NHG Pathology Residency provides the well-rounded training and supportive environment for you to pursue a rewarding career in pathology."

- Dr Rebecca Au, Resident

“The field of Pathology is highly cerebral, vast and rapidly advancing. We are the gold standard of diagnostic medicine and contribute to patient care by solving complex, challenging diagnostic dilemmas daily”.

- Dr Nicholas Koh, Alumni

“NHG Pathology Residency is a vibrant community rich in educational resources. If you are looking for an environment that emphasises great character building with resources at your fingertips, then here it is”.

- Dr Tang Yee Lin, Alumni