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​NHG Surgery-In-General (SIG) Residency Programme

Resident's Talk

“The SIG training programme provided me with countless opportunities to get hands-on training experience..."

Dr Bernice Heng
SIG (Hand Surgery)

“The SIG programme has provided me with a broad based holistic education, creating strong foundation to base further specialty training on.”

– Dr Camelia Tang, Resident, SIG (Hand Surgery)

“Being in residency provides me with a structured training programme with clear learning objectives, which still retains the flexibility and variety of one's clinical exposure to other relevant specialties. The faculty has been very supportive and has played an invaluable role nurturing an environment that is conducive for us residents to grow and to help each other mature professionally.”

– Dr Amelia Yeap, Resident, SIG (Urology)

“SIG brings together residents from varying specialties with the aim of providing a broad-based foundational training. It is a small but supportive community which we are happy to be a part of.”

– Dr Steven Zhang Liben, Resident, SIG (Plastic Surgery)